Chaos Reigning Chapter Two!

The cover of Chaos Reigning on a background of alien planets.
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Available May 19, 2020

Time marches ever onward and we’re now just over three weeks away from the release of Chaos Reigning! 😱 Yes, I had to check the calendar twice to ensure that was correct, because it doesn’t seem like May 19 should be here so soon. After March was 1000 years long, it seems like April has flashed by in no time at all.

Putting out a book called Chaos Reigning right now feels like a certain kind of irony. I would prefer a little less chaos in real life, please and thank you. And putting out any book right now feels fraught. Bookstores are closed, gatherings are canceled, and so many people have lost their jobs and are struggling.

But I also think books are super important—as a distraction, as an escape, and just as pure joy in a world that’s not so joyful right now.

And local indie bookstores are just as important, and struggling just as much. Details are still being worked out, but if you preorder CR from one of the indies I’m working with (list coming soon!), you’ll get a signed book plate, bookmark, and button. Here’s a sneak peek at the different book plate designs:

Four different book plate stickers with space backgrounds, a bookmark with the PR, AB, and CR covers on it, and a Badass Space Princess button on a bamboo desk background.

And if you preorder the ebook instead, I’ll send you a bookmark and a sticker (not shown because they haven’t arrived yet).

Hopefully I’ll have more info to share later this week, once the indie stores are sorted, but I wanted to let you know that something was in the works to thank you for supporting me through my very first trilogy! :)

And, as always, if CR isn’t in your budget right now, I totally understand, and I would encourage you to request it from your local library. Many libraries are happy to purchase books requested by patrons, and many libraries also loan out ebooks now, which means you don’t even have to leave your house.

And now for the reason why you’re really here! If you head over to the book page, you’ll find the second chapter of CR waiting for you. Happy reading!

CHAOS REIGNING cover. A woman with dark, curly hair, in a long leather coat, facing left and holding a blaster. The background is an alien landscape with a planet and two moons in the sky and everything is shaded green-blue.

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11 thoughts on “Chaos Reigning Chapter Two!”

  1. I love pre-orders, some parts of modern technology are Greek to me, but pre-orders I learned in a heartbeat.
    You really can teach an old dog new tricks. :-)
    Thank you

  2. Loved the second chapter when it came as a Newsletter surprise and re-read it again now….. Am really glad it’s only three more weeks, but I guess it’ll be a short night once Cats book downloads :)
    I am really glad for the book to arrive which will brighten up our lives. And I hope it’ll work out for you as well, as an Author these times are probably uncharted territories regarding effects on a book launch.
    The ebook has been pre-ordered looooooong ago, and if you’re sending book plates elsewhere than the US that would be great! I ‘m missing Biancas book in hardcopy too, just in case that signed versions might be available. Will be waiting for the update on the bookstores and counting down the days…..

    1. I’m only planning to do bookplates with US bookstores due to timing and shipping cost. The stores may ship internationally, but it will likely be prohibitively expensive. :(

      But I will happily mail you a bookmark and sticker if you’re in one of the 190 countries served by First Class International mail!

  3. Congratulation on this new release and thank you very much 😍🥳 (thanks for the snippet too 🤭)
    Concerning ebook preorder, will bookmark and stickers be sent outside of the U.S. too ? Possibly in France ? 😳
    Hope you and your loved ones are doing ok, take care

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