Chaos Reigning Preorder Bonus with The Ripped Bodice!

I am delighted to announce that The Ripped Bodice will include a bookmark, a Badass Space Princess button, and a signed bookplate with the first 30 50 (you all are amazing and went through 30 so fast!!) print preorders of Chaos Reigning!

I was supposed to have an event with Jeffe Kennedy at The Ripped Bodice at the end of the month, but because of *waves around at everything* the live event was understandably canceled. (We’re working on pivoting to a video, I’ll let you know when I have more details!) I’m sad that I don’t get to visit the store, but I’m happy that I can still help support them remotely.

If you would like a print copy of CR and want to support a small, romance-focused independent bookstore (and get some fun bonus swag!), then preorder here!

The bonus is not listed on their site yet, but I have confirmed with them that they’ll include it, so preorder away, and get cracking because they will only have 30 50 bonus packets to include. I’ll update the post if they let me know they’ve sold out. (Update: The 30 sold super fast, so I increased it to 50, but don’t wait!!)

Just 2.5 weeks to go! Ahhhhhh!

Get your bonus:

The Ripped Bodice with preorder bonus!

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