NYC and #RWA19 Events This Week!

This week I’ll be in New York City for the RWA conference. I have three events scheduled and two of them are completely free and open to the public, so please come see me if you’re in the area!

Best-Selling Authors in Bryant Park: A Lotta Romance

Wednesday, July 24, 12:30–1:45 PM

Bryant Park
Free and open to the public! I think I can sign whatever you bring, but don’t hold me to it. If not, I’ll make time after the official signing.

RWA 2019 Avon Signing (Conference Badge Required)

Thursday, July 25, 2019, 3–4 PM

Westside Ballroom, New York Marriott Marquis
I have no idea what I’m signing. Could be PR, could be AB. Find out with me! :)

RWA 2019 Readers for Life Signing

Saturday, July 27, 2019, 3–5 PM

Westside Ballroom, New York Marriott Marquis
Free and open to the public! I’m signing PR. No outside books, but you’re welcome to come say hello and get a button/bookmark!

If you see me at the conference, please say hello! I’m a super introvert, so I’ll probably be hiding in a corner, but I love to chat if I don’t have to be the one to start the conversation. :)

I’ll be around all week and I’m happy to meet up to sign your books outside of the signing times. Twitter is the best place to keep track of me and to reach me. And please introduce yourself, even if we’ve met before. Names and faces are difficult for me, and with conference brain being crazy, I’ll be doing well to remember my own name.

Last year, I sat next to the lovely Tara Wyatt for the entire Avon signing, talked to her a bunch, and then reintroduced myself to her the next day like I’d never seen her before in my life. She was so nice about it, but it’s still one of those cringey things my brain likes to remind me of when I’m trying to fall asleep. So I promise you, if I’ve forgotten you (and I inevitably will), it’s not you, it’s 1000% me.

If you are planning to come to RWA or one of the signings, I made some Badass Space Princess buttons. Find me to snag one for yourself!

And if you’re not going to be in NYC this week, I hope you have an excellent week wherever you are! :)

6 Replies to “NYC and #RWA19 Events This Week!”

  1. Won’t be able to make it but have a GREAT time. And you will have to learn to be more extroverted: People who have read your books will be clamoring to meet you!!!

  2. Would love to meet you and gush fan girl admiration of The Queen’s Advantage but would probably revert to a clinical and formal ‘I enjoyed the book very much thank you’. Just too English to gush on first meeting but would be squeeing inside.

    I do chat to random people on public transport – I have train friends I only ever see on one which I’ve been told us very odd. However I once sat next to a major leader in my industry- read all her books, loved her work etc, and introduced myself and her who she was and what her role was. Sigh- wanted to hide under the table.

  3. I so wish I could come meet you! I love Polaris Rising, and looking forward to the second book.
    I have recommended your books on all the chat groups I’m in because I love them so much.
    But enjoy yourself and know we’re waiting for more exciting stories to come!

  4. Wish I could come!! Plus we could introduce ourselves at least once a day, b/c I have the same name/face issue…good luck with it all! And many good wishes for a successful/fun conference and lotsa good chats!

  5. Hope the conference was interesting and went well for you and you had fun and some distraction from all the deadlines.
    It was really amazing to see you in person and to have a special copy of Polaris Rising now. And I just love the button :)
    Safe travels back home, and thabk you for your wonderful books!

    1. It was so nice to meet you! And thank you for spelling your name for me, I always ask because, as you saw, I sometimes get it wrong. With all the noise in the signing room, a double check is a good idea. :)

      Safe travels to you as well!

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