Totes, Edits, and Gates

I’m sure every single person who is publishing adjacent, whether reader, author, or industry pro, has a sufficient number of tote bags, but did that stop me from ordering custom totes for my Buns & Roses table?

No, no it did not. 😂 Behold!

Two large white totes showing the front and back with a copy of HUNTS THE STARS between them. The front is a stylized fox with a long tail, stars, and Starlight's Shadow text in a circular logo. The back is text that reads "My life is mine, but my heart is YOURS" with most of the text in blue and YOURS in a larger red script font.

Turns out, they’ll let just anyone design and print custom totes, and this is a power I did not need to know existed, because CUSTOM! TOTES!! 😍 If you’d like one of these lovelies, there are still a few tickets left for my table.

I had a chat with my agent this morning about edits for the romantic fantasy. Overall, she loved it, but it needs some tweaks to make it even stronger (as all my drafts do), then we’ll take it out on submission and see if anyone is interested in buying it. Cross your fingers for me!

I’ll be in the editing cave for the foreseeable future, which means my current WIP—which was supposed to be a quick little short story and is instead 13k words and growing—will have to be put on hold for a bit. Or maybe I’ll try to stab it to death this week, but my brain is already in edit mode, so we’ll see what happens.

In fun news, Mr. M and I started playing Baldur’s Gate 3 last week, and then immediately spent all weekend in a gaming haze. We’re some ridiculous number of hours in and just finished the first act. The writing is incredibly good. Coming from Diablo IV, it’s just leagues better. (Sorry, Diablo, I love you, but we both know there was some questionable story telling in the second half.)

I’ve played D&D, and I know sort of top-level kinds of information, but I’m not exactly deep in the lore. So when the first weekend’s stats came out and Githyanki was the least-chosen character race, I decided to choose it for my kind, upstanding druid who loves everyone and just wants to stab bad guys in the face with a sword.

Hoo boy.

Apparently the Githyanki are kind of jerks. And by “kind of” I mean, definitely, absolutely are. But I’m being the change I want to see in the world!

Mr. M is playing a half-elf wizard who is tending toward the darker side of wizardry. He picked up a necromancy book, and I was like “we’re totally destroying that evil thing, right?” and he was like “oh yeah, for sure, let me just put in my pack, nothing to see here.”

I have a feeling that maybe the book wasn’t destroyed. 😂

I recently leveled up enough to turn into an owlbear, so now I can stab people in the face or smash them into itty bitty pieces with my giant claws. Best of both!

Are you playing? If so, tell me your about your character! Just please don’t spoil the story. :)

And finally, UK readers, if you were waiting for the paperback version of Capture the Sun, your wait is over! The book came out last week, so you can order it from your shop of choice. Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “Totes, Edits, and Gates”

  1. Yep, got my paperback last week. Rereading now, totally worth the wait. Living in The Netherlands means getting a UK book. I had a delaymail about three times so I knew it would be coming this year :)
    Don’t have time for gaming though you make it look like superfun.
    Keep on writing and I will keep on reading your books.

  2. hubby is waiting impatiently for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon to release. he loves Baldur’s Gate and Dark Souls too. glad you’re having fun playing with Mr M.

  3. Wishing you the bestest of good luck on both the romantic fantasy and the currently expanding WIP!

    I know nothing about online games of any type, so I can only send you and Mr M have lots of fun wishes!

  4. I took a lot longer to finish Capture the Sun than is usual for me because I too am in deep with Baldur’s Gate 3 🤣
    Both the book and the game are *awesome*! I don’t think I am actually out of Act 1 yet, and I’ve got about 100 hours logged on Steam (around 60 on the save file).

  5. OH!! OWLBEAR!!!! I started with a druid in Diablo IV so I could be an owlbear, but no, no, just a plain old bear. Sad. So now I guess I will have to talk hubby (and I’m sure it’ll be hard…heh. not) into getting Baldur’s Gate so I can be OWLBEAR!!!!!!
    Did you play any of Season 1 in Diablo? Apparently the Necromancer is super tough. So naturally I chose to be a squishy Sorcerer. It’s really fun to freeze all the guys and explode then while frozen though. *maniacal laughter*

    1. We played a bit of D4 season 1, mostly until BG3 came out, but the big pre-season nerf patch kind of ruined some of the fun. I played a druid for the season, and coming from the high-level necro I’d played since launch was a bit of an adjustment, since I was used to being able to destroy everything, and suddenly I was way squishier and less powerful. 😭

      Owlbear in BG3 is great! You can jump attack and knock people down, then smoosh them with your paws and claws. And you don’t have to choose just owlbear, you can change into a whole host of animals, including a house cat that can sneak through small crevices. I’m usually more of a sword and board paladin-type player, but I’m having a lot of fun with druid!

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