Chaos Reigning Spoiler/Discussion Thread

You all read so fast! I can’t believe so many of you have already read Chaos Reigning! 😍 If you have questions or you just want to chat with other readers, this is the thread for you.

Also, tune in on Friday, May 22 at 7PM CDT to the livestream on YouTube, where I’ll be chatting with Bree and Donna (aka Kit Rocha) about CR, my next series, their book, and whatever else we think of. Come hang out with us and ask questions there, too!

Spoilers will be allowed in this thread, so:


I will answer questions (fair warning: I may be a bit slow to respond while I try to get some writing done), but since I am hoping to tell more stories in this universe, some of my answers may be “wait and see.” :)








Still here? Ask away!

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  1. Jaime asked “Ok I have to know… it’s killing me, who are the other members of the Fornax squad? Have we met them all? Loch, Ian, Alex, Aoife, Rhys…And Scarlett?”

    No, you have not met them all. And yes, your list is correct for the people you’ve met so far. :)

    1. Ooooo I didn’t pick up on Scarlet! That’s awesome and makes so much sense cause I knew there wouldn’t only be 5 team members.

  2. I’m just curious do you plan to go back to writing more books in this series eventually at some point? Or do you think you’re finished with this series? And on a side note I’m wondering would you ever consider doing multiple POVs in a book? Or is that something you’re not interested in?

    1. Yes, I have another Consortium trilogy I would like to write, but I’m not sure if I will be able to fit it in to my schedule with my other projects. And if I did, it would likely have to be self-published because my publisher considers the series done. That might change if there was a huge spike in demand, but self-published is more likely.

      I’m not against multiple POV, but first person feels more natural for my writing style, so I would probably have to do alternating first-person chapters or something. It’s not out of the question, but I don’t have any projects like that right now. :)

      1. Cool thank you! I’m game for the self publishing! :) I truly love this series and would totally buy all of those books :D.

        And thanks for answering the POV question it was just a curiosity. :)

      2. The consortium trilogy has so many pretty hints for new fascinating stories that I think I’d die without more. I just desperately want everyone we met to get a story… (and that sibling and that side character and…) Thank you for an amazing amazing escape from social distancing!!!!!

  3. Whoo hoo! I had them right as well.

    I hope you are able to write your second trilogy arc someday as I need stories for Elizabeth & Ferdinand, Benedict, Aoife, and Ying. Plus Hannah. I realize that’s probably more than 3 books, but just getting my top picks out there.

    I loved the way the Ying subplot played out. Thanks for not making her a baddie.

    I am curious what happened to Pierre? I remember he was captured at the end of book 2 but erroneously believed he would simply be let go.

    Mostly I just want to say thanks for the hours of reading enjoyment. I know I will revisit this trilogy often.

      1. Oh my goodness all of the crossed fingers! Benny was one of my faves and I would love to get to know him better. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  4. Oh I’m just full of questions, but here are two, one short, one maybe not so short:

    1. Shielding cuff: single use or recharging? Ada and Cat both used them and it was mentioned how many hits they would take, but after that? Throwaway or can they be reused after some process?
    2. One of the many things I love about your stories is the LGTBQIA representation. I enjoy that it feels a very natural part of the character development and not forced into the plot line. One of my favorite parts of CR was the Ying/Aoife pairing at the end, especially when I remembered Ying asking at the beginning if Alex had a brother or sister :) My question is, how does that become part of one of your characters? Or maybe, how do you develop your characters? For example did you know from the beginning that Skout preferred they/them, or did that come out (pun intended) as you were writing them?

    1. 1. Yes, it recharges slowly on its own, or it can be hooked to external power to recharge faster.

      2. Usually, I start with a sort of bare-bones character description that has basics like build and hair, eye, and skin color and then the details get filled out as I’m writing. And I do try to ensure that my characters reflect a diverse population because I want readers to be able to see themselves in my books. I originally wrote Skout with she/her pronouns, but it didn’t feel quite right for the character, so I changed to they/them, which fit them much better. :)

  5. I was curious about Cat and Bianca’s heart to heart at the end and why Ada wasn’t present. Alex has told her she could talk to both Ada and Bianca about the Project, and at that point she knew about Loch I believe. Although I know sharing her story (and Bianca’s!) with 2 people instead of 1 would be more scary.

    It seemed like it would have been a great way to do a scene with all 3 main characters and have them all aware of each other’s struggles. (But Ada was my fave and I just want her to be included in everything! 😂)

    Also that voting scene…perfection!! I read it twice before the vote was announced just because it was so well done and Ferdinand was the epitome of the best big brother ever.

    Thank you so much for hours and hours of enjoyment, which I know will repeated in the future!!

    1. Cat went to Bianca first because if anyone could find out what had really happened to her as a child, it would be Bianca. And while Cat loves Ada, too, she hid herself for so long that adding more people would’ve been too much. But they will all have a chat soon after the end of the book, once Cat has a bit more time to get used to the idea. :)

  6. You mention a possible book for Benedict in another answer. Do you have plans/ideas for a Hannah story. I really feel for her character and her crummy marriage situation. I want to get to know her more and see her get an HEA.

    Also, you gave both Bianca and Cat special abilities, while Ada was more a standard adventurer. Was that because her book was first? Did you ever consider giving her something ‘more’?

    Finally, just wanted to say I’ve loved these stories. Found you from Gordon & Ilona, started reading your TQG online to fill the gap between their Sweep stories and haven’t been sorry.

    1. I don’t have a specific book in mind for Hannah yet, but I do want her to get her HEA. :)

      Ada was “normal” partly because she was first and partly because she got out of the House early and wasn’t the youngest. I discover more of the story as I write, so later books get more elaborate just because I know more backstory by then. 😂

  7. I discovered your books literally 3 days ago and I have now read everything. You’re amazing and I definitely need more in this world! I have so many questions, but I’ll limit them to:

    Is Scarlett one of the other books you want to write about?

    and will we ever find out about the person who broke Loch’s trust in book 1?

    also, I love how diverse your characters are, in names, looks and lgbtqi+ identities. :)

    1. Yes, I want to write Scarlett’s book. :)

      Maybe, if I ever write another Ada/Loch book, but that’s not on the radar right now.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks. I love sci fi romance and there are never enough of them, let alone totally awesome ones like yours :)

    Cat’s book was a total delight and I love the whole family. I now need to do a series reread.

    But 2022 for the next one? Sob.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      Hopefully the new series will be worth the wait. And it’ll be three books pretty quickly once they start. :)

  9. I am so in love with the entire trilogy. Simply love it! But I do wish that I had some idea about how the guys were feeling. Even if it is short story of when they meet or some other part. Have you ever thought about writing from their POVs, just as a bonus scene?

    1. I might do a bonus POV from their side. The problem is, once I’ve written the book, I promptly forget it, lol. I would have to do some extensive rereading to get back into their voice. I won’t rule it out as a short bonus, but it probably won’t ever be more than that. :)

    1. Benedict is near the top of the list of stories I want to write. :) I also want to write Richard, but it’ll have to be FAR in the future, after he does a bunch of growing/groveling. Joseph probably won’t get his own book, at least not for a long time. :)

      1. Thanks. Looking forward to whatever you do. Trouble is books take so long to write for you or any author but are so quick to read,

  10. Are we going to see more interaction with Ada and Richard in future books? I want to see him to be uncomfortable when Loch’s around hovering.

      1. I’ve re-read the books quite a bit since I picked up the first book, my favorite, in February of thjs year, so I’ve picked up on some things, like Scarlet being a Genesis Project soldier. Thank you for writing these books! Eagerly await Benedict’s story along with Hannah’s and Ferdinand’s!

  11. Love the Consortium Rebellion trilogy! Finished Chaos Reigning just now, I’m so relieved by the end of the book that the ‘new, younger’ generation is starting. I’m more curious about Ferdinand and Evelyn’s future relationship though.. they are both the head of the house and representatives of the consortium. Will they not be able to marry and have children or continue their relationship in secret?

  12. Hi,
    I loved your books – thank you!
    You’ve touched on this before but a Ying/Aoife book would be amazing. I loved them both separately as characters and was intrigued but that hint of Ying’s feelings in the end.

  13. Just wanted to add my thanks and express my enjoyment for all your published books! My questions have already been answered (yay, more books!). I’d love to see even just short stories showing our new generation of leaders changing things for the better. As another comment said, there just aren’t enough awesome sci-fi romances and it’s still hard to find sci-fi about anyone who isn’t a white straight man sometimes. It’s wonderful to see people who more closely represent you.

    If you go the self publishing route, I will totally preorder as I have done with all of your other books – omg the almost 2 year wait for Polaris hahaha (was totally worth it!).

    1. Thank you so much! I’m hoping to write new Consortium novels, but if that doesn’t happen, short stories or novellas may be it. And thank you for taking a chance on PR, I know that wait was killer, lol. Publishing moves more like a turtle (in winter) than a hare. :)

  14. I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to add how much I love the books (especially the LGBTQIA+ representation!!!!) and how much I’m lusting for more consortium books. Especially about Ying and Aoife!!!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them!! I would still like to write a few more books in the universe, but with the pandemic, all of my focus had to be on my contracted books, so I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be. Hopefully someday!

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