Eclipse the Moon ARC Winners & Chapter Two!

Eclipse the Moon ARC Winners, plus read the first two chapters. Available July 12, 2002, preorder now!

Thank you all for entering! I loved reading your comments, and we started watching Strange New Worlds because several of you suggested it, and it’s great!

This week, I sent off book three to my editor!! 🎉 This was my final contracted book, and it’s a huge relief that I actually made it to the end, because it was looking kind of iffy there for a bit. But I’m happy with how it turned out, and it’ll be even better after my editor is done with it, lol.

I don’t quite know what’s next, but for the immediate future, I’m taking some vacation time because the first half of this year was solid work. Woo, rest!

The random number generator has chosen the following winners, and there were so many comments, I decided to pick four winners instead of three. :) Please follow the links to see if it’s actually your comment because there were some duplicate names.

#35 – Julie Hillis
#27 – Kaitlyn
#87 – Sarah (there were lots of Sarahs, but this was Spring Cleaning Sarah) :)
#118 – Elissa

WINNERS: Send me an email at mihalikwrites AT gmailDOTcom with the subject line ARC Winner, and please use the same email address you used when you commented. You can also use the contact form. Include your name, address, and the name you’d like for personalization, if desired.

I’ve put up chapter two of Eclipse the Moon over on the book page for everyone who didn’t win this time. :)

We’re just three and a half weeks away from release, so even if you didn’t win, you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on a copy!

Eclipse the Moon cover, featuring a man and woman in silhouette in front of a purple background with an alien planet.

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4 thoughts on “Eclipse the Moon ARC Winners & Chapter Two!”

  1. Jessie,
    My wife had a good laugh at my evident delight when I realized that we will be on the train between Spain and the south of France, on our way to visit her family when your book comes out next month. We always look forward to the food (ahh, the bread!), the gorgeous scenery and hiking when we visit her family in the south of France. What I’m looking forward to the most though? (ok, other than seeing my in-laws, who are delightful people). Listening to the audiobook version of Eclipse the Moon with my wife while we watch the countryside go past. To me, that sounds like heaven.
    Jessie, thank you for bringing a little more joy into our lives.

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